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  • Babe's Bear Fat Beauty Bars
  • Babe's Bear Fat Beauty Bars without labels

Babe's Bear Fat Beauty Bars


The Beauty Bars are graced with my own secret fragrance mix characterized by substantial notes of sweet perfume.  This soap is good for any babe with sensitive skin, and quite good for shampoo, too.  Bear Fat Bars are moisturizing and gentle.  Customers with eczema are particularly fond of this soap.

  • A lot of bear fat, a little coconut oil for lather, and a little lard for hardness so the bar lasts longer.

    • Can be used as shampoo
    • Weight:  About 5 oz. per bar
    • Dimensions:  Roughly 3.5"(w)  x  2.5"(h)  x  1"(d)
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