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Signature Recipe

The most unique recipe, though, uses bear fat. This is truly a local product because it comes from the local bears which are harvested in the fall. Dana looks at this as a natural resource which would otherwise be thrown away.

Bear fat soaps made by Rocky Mountain Bear Fat Soap

Made from Scratch

Not wanting anything to be boring, Dana creates her own, original recipes with more of a colorful, creative touch... snow, honey, coffee, cornmeal, and yogurt among others.

Variety of soap bars made by Mountain Meadow Soaps
Mountin landscape with trees and flowers

Dana Haskins has been making soap for 14 years! Mountain Meadow Soaps was created as the result of a fascination that became destiny. Years after starting her journey as a soap maker, she came upon the scathingly brilliant idea of making soap from bear fat, and thus her new line of soap, Rocky Mountain Bear Fat Soaps, was born. Dana's specialty soaps are used by customers all over the U.S.

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Soap Maker's


Dana Haskins, owner of Mountain Meadow Soaps
I believe there should be more than just one lonesome bar in the shower. There should be a bar for every person, every mood, and every need, saying, "Use me! Use me!".

Dana's Motto

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