• Rosemary Mint Soap

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      This blend of natural essential oils is refreshing and stimulating.  It will cleanse the need for ‘store’ soap right out of you!

      Rosemary has traditionally been used for stimulating the mind, enhancing mental clarity, treating skin disorders, relieving stiffness of joints, and stimulating healthy hair growth.  Use compresses and baths when trying to sooth stiff joints, arthritis, or rheumatism.  Use diffusion or other methods of inhalation when treating colds, flu, and as a mind stimulant.  Rosemary has had positive effects being applied by itself or with a carrier to the scalp, face, or neck for skin or hair/scalp disorders.

      Rosemary Mint bars are made with essential oils, lanolin, and the base recipe which is pH neutral: saponified oils of olive, coconut, palm, palm kernel, castor; and lard.

      Bars weigh around 5 oz.

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