• Orange Patchouli Soap

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      It’s getting hard to find patchouli soap these days so I get many requests for this.  I vow to keep this nutrient rich soap in my inventory just for all the devoted!

      Patchouli has been used by Asian cultures for centuries for its medicinal properties.  Because of its properties it was used to fight infections, for digestive disorders, for skin care, and as an antidote for insect and even snake bites.  In our modern era it became popular with the hippie generation during the ‘60s.  This strong and persistent odor elicits both positive and negative responses.  Some suggest its heavy, musty odor becomes an acquired taste and the odor has the unique property of “improving with age” like a fine wine.

      Patchouli, as with other oils, has a variety of properties leading to many uses. The heavy musky odor helps many control anxiety or fight depression. Aromatically it is also effective with breathing disorders. Because of its antibacterial properties it may be applied topically to wounds and has the added benefit of regeneration of skin tissue thereby reducing scarring.  It may also be used topically for insect and snake bites.  Further, for the skin, it is a great cleansing agent and has been suggested for acne, dermatitis, eczema and even hemorrhoids.

      Bars weigh around 5 oz.


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